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Fuchs Reiner Grease Gun - It's what all the heavy plant fitters want!


  • Reiner Grease Gun
  • The clean, safe and easy to use professional greasing system.
  • If you need more grease volume and pumping power that a pistol-grip grease gun offers, all you need is the new SYSTEM FUCHS two-hand GREASE GUN for 500 gm cartridges**. A comfortable and efficient grease gun, approved by the German TŰV testing organisation.
  • Advantages at a glance..
  • Ergonomically optimised to handle long grease lines and/or large volumes.Special vacuum principle ensures that cartridges are fully emptied. Grease is sucked out of the cartridge rather than pushed out.The type of grease, application details and safety instructions printed on the cartridges remain visible at all times.Cartridges can be removed and exchanged before completely used to avoid requirement of multiple guns.The grease always remains clean because there are no connections, so no potential leaks.Advanced design requires less force.High pressure – Designed to operate up to 5800 psi. / 400 bar. No moving parts or outer case, which can be accidentally damaged.The grease gun is solid and simple, the best guarantee for long and reliable service. 500 gm cartridges are also available to order. Please phone 020 8644 2700