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Soltron Fuel Treatment




Soltron 125ml

Contaminated Diesel? Bacterial growth or sludge? Cure it with SOLTRON

  • The enzyme fuel treatment for Diesel & Petrol
  • Eliminates Diesel Bug and sludge
  • Reduces environmentally harmful & illegal emissions
  • Restores engine power
  • Increases fuel economy
  • 125 ml treats 625 litres of fuel 

Diesel is an organic fuel and therefore a food to microscopic fungi, yeast and bacteria. There is water for germination, carbon for food, oxygen and sulphur for respiration and trace elements for growth.  The microbes are all independent, separate living cells that grow in colonies.  These can develop into mats easily seen in the fuel with the naked eye.  The growth and activity of the organisms can be very rapid.  In other situations the organisms develop very slowly at a rate difficult to detect with out laboratory testing.  They can then lie dormant in the tank until the moisture content and temperature cause the promotion of growth. Four well known symptoms characterise the presence of micro-organisms.

Odour usually like rotten eggs (due to the hydrogen sulphides) 

Appearance is murky, slime or matted “Gunk” 

Colour of the fuel is dark, often khaki 

Corrosion occurs due to the acids produced.